Executive 'wingman'

Military Definition:
Wingman: - a pilot who supports the 'lead' pilot in potentially dangerous flying environments. Wingman was originally a term referring to the plane flying beside and slightly behind the lead plane in an aircraft formation.

Scatterlinks Definition:
Executive Wingman: - a trusted mentor and coach who provides periodic independent support to business executives and leaders through a mix of mentoring, coaching and consulting.

We all know how tough and, at times, how lonely it can be for business leaders. There are many urgent or important challenges they face every day of a business or personal nature that they need to decide and act upon. Very often they feel that it's not possible or desirable to share and ponder some of these with others inside their own organisation. So where do they turn?

Scatterlinks' 'executive wingmanship' addresses this need by providing leaders with an experienced, confidential and impactful resource which, through a structured program, enables the client to share, learn, develop and address ideas and concerns about issues that are critical to the client's success and also his/her well-being.

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Executive Wingman - Scatterlinks program