How we do it:


has an associate relationship with The Katale Partnership. The former largely focuses on the Southern African market and the latter the UK and European markets. We share our resources to deliver on larger projects.

Business style:

There’s an old tailor's adage that sizes are standard, it’s only shapes that are different.

Scatterlinks and The Katale Partnership are concerned with shape. Companies can be of similar size, but each person and each organisation has its own unique shape.

Shapes are driven by you or your company's culture, character, history, values and aspirations. This is where we start. Then we get to know what the issues are.

From a consulting perspective, we are not about solutions in search of a problem. From a coaching perspective we're not about just trying to coach the issue - but rather coach you around what it is that makes this an issue for you.

And because we recognise that practices which may work for one person or in one company may not work in another, we work hard to understand the context in which solutions need to be found and we work together with you to find them.

There is never only one solution to any challenge and we believe that exploring a range of possible answers, robustly debating them with you and modifying our insights as circumstances change allow you to the best possible chance of success.

When consulting, we believe that scenarios are not predictions, merely possibilities and we believe very strongly that although you cannot respond to all eventualities, the best solution comes from you being able to evaluate your chosen path against a selection of other possible plausible responses.

Consultants and coaches don't have to live with the consequences of their coaching assistance or advice. Individuals and companies do.

We at Scatterlinks and The Katale Partnership understand the tremendous responsibility this creates for us. So we ensure that what support and guidance we do give to our individual clients and their organisations is thorough, professional, commercial and practical.

We will work with you until you are satisfied that what you have developed or achieved is believed to be positive and sustainable. Only then is our job done.